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Allen Not The Only Member Of Team Stanford Fleecing People

The former Mrs. Sir Allen is trying to extract a pound of flesh, but not from who you might think. Before he moved on to bouncing the wives of English cricket players on his knee, Stanford had been ordered to pay $100,000/mo plus all expenses associated with his wife's $2.4 million pad in Houston. While $100k/mo might seem like a decent settlement for time served with Sir Allen, apparently there was a much better deal on the table. Susan Stanford's attorney received a verbal offer of $200 million from AS to put an end to the divorce proceedings once and for all. That small detail somehow escaped her attorney's mind, who now, in turn, faces a $200 million dollar lawsuit.

"If the plaintiff had been made aware of the substantial sum offered as settlement in her divorce proceedings, she would have readily accepted,'' Susan Stanford's current attorney, Michael P. Mallia, said in the complaint. By the time his client learned of the offer, "the substantial community property assets at issue in her divorce proceedings" had been seized or frozen,'' he said.

Stanford's Wife Sues Her Ex-Divorce Lawyer for $200 Million [Bloomberg]