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Allen Stanford Can Take A Punch

It's clear that King Ponz's use of the subtle, sadistic smile in all situations has cemented his reputation as the old guy people don't mess with because he's just a bit off and has that look that says 'come after me, I dare you.' Allen Stanford on the other hand, has some work to do. Standing 6'4", Sir Allen got into it with an inmate either trying to administer a little payback on behalf of his ex-wife or one of his investors or simply doing a routine evaluation of where AS stands in the prison pecking order. After reports put the Ponzier in the ICU after getting a thorough beat down, his lawyer cleared up the confusion for those in the big house curious to know if they'd broken Stanford.

His lawyer Kent Schaffer added: "Mr Stanford is fine. Contrary to reports, he is not in intensive care at the hospital.
"I understand his injuries are not serious enough to keep him in the hospital."

It look's like $600/hr still buys you a lot even when it's going for $110/hr.
Sir Allen Stanford attacked in jail []