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America's Team Alumnus Gets In On Mortgage Fraud

The guy once known as "Mean Gene the Hitting Machine", Eugene Lockhart, was taken down by the FBI today on charges of committing bank and wire fraud. Following the lead of straight-laced teammates such as Michael Irvin, the ex-Cowboy now finds himself defending allegations that he was involved in a $20 million mortgage fraud scheme.

Lockhart was involved with several real estate entities, many of which incorporated either "America's Team'' or "Cowboys'' in their names, (Dallas U.S. Attorney James T.)Jacks said in a statement released by his office. The conspirators concentrated on distressed or pre-foreclosure properties in the Dallas area and utilized investors as "straw borrowers'' to falsify mortgage applications, Jacks said.

While Lockhart's arrest is certainly a set back for him, he should take comfort knowing he performed a public service here. Getting involved in this relatively clever scheme helps dispel the myth that, Najarians aside, ex-NFL players barely have the mental firepower to sign the royalty checks coming in from the car dealerships they slap their names on to.
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