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Andrew Cuomo's Plan To Speed Up The Financial Crisis Investigation

Who needs a year and a half long inquiry involving 10 of the nation's finest minds to answer the question of what went wrong over the past few years? Andrew Cuomo is cutting to the chase and believes he's found the master key to unlock the secrets of the "economic debacle of a generation" not otherwise outlined in the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission's Congressional mandate. The solution is simple: a little Q&A session with Bank of America's directors. Apparently AC believes the BAC-MER soap opera doubled as the front line in the struggle between economic good and evil.

"We went through an economic debacle of a generation," Cuomo said about his interest in probing bank-board actions. "What happened? How did it happen? What did we learn and how are sure it's not going to happen again? That's what I'm thinking about here."

Who knows- assuming he's not in intensive care from a Benmosche beat down and gets his couch time with the BAC elite, Cuomo may wind up exposing a real fraud here. Seeing $5 million in taxpayer funds is going to answer questions regulators believe they've already taken care of is truly a scandal.