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Anyone Need A Bomb Shelter?

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Perhaps a safe room of some sort? Come on down to Goldman Sachs! Bloomberg guarantees it's the place you wanna be, in spite of what some pusses (Lloyd) might think. Nothing's getting in that place, and starting next month Charlie Gasparino will be running drills with the NYPD in which he belays himself down the side of the building in an attempt to make forced entry, just to keep everyone on their toes.

Goldman Sachs' new Wall Street building is "the safest place you could possibly be," Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday.
Bank executives have complained that there won't be enough anti-terror cops to protect their $2.4 billion, 43-story headquarters on Vesey Street.
Bloomberg said don't bank on that.
"We believe that the city has provided what we promised to do," Bloomberg said, alluding to a building incentive the city gave to Goldman Sachs.