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Archbishop of Canterbury Wants You To Show Him You're Sorry

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In his last letter to investors at Body of Christ Capital, Pope Benedict noted that there is a circle of hell for those who commit sins in the financial arena, which is where you people will be burning while he and his boys enjoy the view from above while tapping that underage ass. Not to be outdone, Archbishop Rowan Williams weighed in on the situation last night, saying that, personally, he just doesn't feel a sense of closure "about what happened last year," and what he would like bankers to do about it is repent for what you've done or rot in hell. Unfortunately, his words lack the same get up and go as when Il Papa shouts "down on your knees!" (especially when they're delivered over the course of a casual chat on BBC, and most especially with the professor look Will's sporting) but you should listen to every damn thing he has to say nonetheless. He needs to feel your remorse. Show him you mean it. (He'd also like bonuses capped, and thinks that economists are a crock, but one thing at a time.)
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*Obviously this is possibly scary shit if you're a god-fearing financier across the pond but will pale in comparison to the mother of all guilt trips being prepared as we speak for next weekend.