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Back By Popular Demand: Maria Bartiromo Lays Intellectual Muscle On Alex Trebek

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You guys, even if it weren't a slow news day, even if we hadn't already checked out for the holiday weekend, I'd still proudly share this great moment in financial history with you. It's an oldie but a goodie, and after yesterday's brain buster from the money honey during a roundtable discussion on healthcare, in which Maria Bartiromo not only asked a 44 year old Congressman why he wasn't on Medicare, but felt like she really nailed the guy, it just feels so right. Highlights include MB buzzing in to shout out "Vogue! Vogue!" when the category clearly specified we were looking for an answer (question) with not zero, not one, but two a's, "Computer worms! What is computer worms" in response to "Most moles destroy gardens & lawns searching for insect larvae or these 'global' worms," (we were looking for "earth worms, what are earth worms" there) and, when all else fails, answering with, as Keith Hahn says, "a five second face." Then she gets $1000 out of pity from the producers and her ass dragged into Final Jeopardy, because Trebek "really" wanted her there.
Part I can and should be viewed here.