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Bank Of America Making Great Strides In Customer Satisfaction

Having stumbled a bit dealing with the handicapped and fallen Marines, Bank of America is now getting an earful from its credit card customers. A 14-year customer of BAC, Ann Minch had seen and heard enough from Bank of America and CEO Ken Lay. Yes, she was steaming mad at Ken Lay for raising the interest rate on her credit card to 30%. While the real Ken in question must have breathed a sigh of relief she gave him an out, her four minute tribute to Bank of America gave the firm a pretty good read of where it stands with some of their customers.
Headphones should probably used for the video that follows after the jump

After BofA got wind of Minch's testimonial, they eventually dropped her rate from 30% to 12.99%. Dalton Chiscolm, we look forward to hearing from you.
Take that, Bank of America. [Hartford Courant]