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Barney Frank Addresses The Issue Of Persecution

Accusing the Obama administration of Nazi policies will certainly get a reaction out of BF. But if you really want to see him animated, seize $40 million from two of the world's largest online poker rooms and see what happens. After the US Attorneys Office in the Southern District of New York put an end to some friendly online games of Texas Hold 'Em, B-Frank had seen enough.

"I have been following them and I'm appalled by them....Sometimes when I talk about trying to appeal this (online gambling prohibition), people say, 'Oh well. What are you worried about? They're not enforced.' I think that (the US Attorney's actions) is an outrageous example. I've complained to the justice department. It is persecution - you know - we're told that we don't have enough people, judges, prosecutors, etc to enforce the laws. The great weights of effort are just outrageous."

Barney will debate you on his views on financial reform until you're blue in the face. But on the issue of forcing people to get off the couch and leave their homes to gamble, there is no room for discussion.