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Bob McCann Is Not Happy With His Captors

Stockholm syndrome has clearly not set in with Bob McCann. Faced with ongoing employment imprisonment courtesy of Bank of America, the former Merrill brokerage head is starting to bang his cup on the bars of his cell to get somebody to hear him out.

"I want to rejoin the industry," McCann said today in an interview in Dublin with Bloomberg Television. "I am being kept from doing that in, I think, an unfair way."

While a judge refused to rule on McCann's petition to have his non-compete agreement lifted, his recommendation that the potential future head of wealth management for the Americas at UBS go back and talk it out with BAC pretty much sealed his fate. Ken Lewis's prisoner said he had "good reason" to leave the firm when he did after receiving a "diminished role" in the new world order. Based on the fact the FBI and Justice Department have been investigating BAC for the past half year about the now infamous merger, it appears there was no shortage of good reasons to flee.
McCann Calls Bank of America 'Unfair' in Blocking His New Job [Bloomberg]