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Charlie Gasparino Pleased To See John Thain Finally Recognizes The Only Way He's Getting Back To Wall Street Is With Charlie Gasparino's Blessing

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Earlier this afternoon we were shooting the shit with Charlie Gasparino when the topic turned to John Thain and his $35,000 commode. It's one of Chaz's favorites, as he broke it on CNBC just as JT was getting shown out of the Merrill Lynch building by security. Apparently J to T was none too happy with CG's hard-hitting investigative journalism and remained bitter about the whole thing for some time. Gaspo, obviously, didn't care as he is a journalist whose bottom line is reporting the facts, be they about fabulous interior design or testicles.

However! It turns out JT has decided to let go of his anger, coming to the conclusion that if he's ever going to get out of the home office, he's going to need Charlie Gasparino's help legitimizing his comeback. As CG tells us, he received a call from Thain's representation today passing on the message that the article Chazza penned for the Post yesterday? JT thought it was it just genius! "John loved it," the flack told Gasparino. "He absolutely raved about it," he said, continuing to lay it on thick. "Wow," we told Charlie. "That's incredible. Here's the thing thing though. I'm sure anyone who read the piece probably thought it was the greatest story ever told. How could they not? But do you sort of get the sense JT is trying to massage your pecs, with some self-serving motive in mind?" Gaspo did indeed. As the wise one put it: "I'm thinkin' Thain thinks I can unclog his commode if you know what I mean."