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College Football Coach Follows Lead of Ponzi Kings

Bernie had the dying of cancer rumor. Sir Allen had the overactive pulse. Now, with the methodology of 'play the victim to take attention away from the crime' well established, Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez is getting in on the game. Just days after U of M announced an investigation into player allegations that they were forced to train too long en route to a 3-9 record, the coach's financial advisor, in response to a suit filed against Rodriguez, claims he was a victim of a Ponzi scheme.

The suit, filed last month in U.S. District Court in South Carolina, alleges that Rodriguez and several other partners owe a bank $3.9 million after they allegedly defaulted on a loan to build condominiums near Lane Stadium at Virginia Tech. The transaction was initiated before 2004, when Rodriguez coached at West Virginia.
"Coach Rodriguez is the victim of a fraudulent real estate Ponzi scheme that has unfortunately affected many Americans," said his advisor, Mike Wilcox, in a statement released this morning by the University of Michigan athletic department. "Several other coaches and prominent individuals are involved in this transaction."

If we're getting a preview of things to come, this type of transparent trickeration is not going to make the Wolverines champions of the West.