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David Ganek NOT In Trouble

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The departure of Randy White from David Ganek's Level Global Investors had insiders buzzing this morning with wishful thoughts that this art lovin ex-SAC super trader's fund is in trouble. Not so!
Dealbreaker caught up with the firm and learned team Ganek (which runs a long/short equity fund) is actually thriving. After only ending 2008 down 6 percent Level Global is now cruising in positive territory up 8 percent ytd. And their AUM which was $2.3 billion in beginning of 2008 is now $4bn.

According to the firm, Randy White, who was actually their long time investor relations money raising guy, left happily on his own accord at the end of last year.
And for any job seekers, Level Global is actually hiring. They just picked up Pequot's star analyst Chris Adams and claim to have 60 people in the firm now. They even chucked their Park Ave address (Lever House) to move to bigger digs on on 888 Seventh Ave in anticipation of making room for your ass.