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Does Jamie Dimon Dream Of Putting Ken Lewis In A Chokehold? Dick Bové Likes To Think So

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Yesterday's announcement out of JPMorgan re: who will potentially take over in the event Jamie Dimon "unexpectedly departs or is incapacitated" has those who track such things attempting to figure out what all this means for our favorite Boy Toy CEO's future. Is he planning on leaving tomorrow or will he stay the course of being buried in the building? Is he headed to DC to relieve Tim Geithner of his duties or to open Nickels and Dimons, a dive bar on the ground floor of 383 Madison, where all shots are $2? We're on board with the latter scenario, but Dick Bové is thinking otherwise.

JPMorgan Chase successfully downplayed its announcement of a successor to CEO Jamie Dimon Tuesday, but a Dimon departure may come far sooner than many realize. Richard Bove, analyst at Rochdale Securities, believes Dimon will be gone within the next two to three years. "I honestly believe he's ready to move on. I think he has Henry Paulson type visions," Bove says.

The word you're looking for here right now is: okayyyyy. Momentarily suspending disbelief for a moment, can we discuss what "Henry Paulson type visions" might entail? Obviously we're talking some scary shit but specifically, what are we looking at, other than an endless reel of Ken Lewis in a meat locker? And when does the Bovinator nominate Phil Purcell for Jamie's job?
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