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Don't Ask Charlie Gasparino To Spot You Any Money This Week

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'Cause Chaz lost a boatload of it last night. If you want to go there, go there, but I'm just saying you do so at your own risk. We spoke to CG earlier today while he was sitting on a tarmac in Texas and apparently he was at the Giants/Cowboys game last night pulling for Dallas. This was pretty shocking to us because a) CG doesn't come off as a football guy, period and b) Dallas? What's that about? Obviously we pushed him on this one.

According to Gaspo, he became a Cowboys fan because "they won my father a lot of money," and on account of him having "a lotta friends down there" which he wouldn't explain further (obviously the proximity to Tijuana is a huge draw). If you want to give him shit for that, you're not alone-- Gaspo ran into Rudy Guiliani, who punched the Jabroni Pony the chest (I thought this was weird, too) after hearing he wasn't there to support New York. Other than the loss, which Chazo is still getting over, the weekend down South with best bud Eddie Grant was apparently a pretty good time. Charles insisted on enumerating the highlights for me which were 1) the boys going shopping at Neiman Marcus where CG "got some nice shirts" (you'll probably be seeing them on-air soon), 2) eating some "phenomenal Mexican food" at a place called Javiers, and 3) being stopped "probably a hundred times" by "Wall Street guys" all of whom wanted to tell CG just how great he is, except for one who Gas told us, "gave me a hard time, sayin' I cut people off too much. So you know what I did? I cut him off!"
I asked Chaz what he thought he could do to ensure a victory next week and in not so many words, he told us it would involve reading passages from his book, The Sell-Out, to the troops before game time. If anyone knows how it could arranged to get him in the locker room, please contact us immediately.


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