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Going Dutch

It seemed a bit odd that the Dutch of all people would step forward and set what some are considering to be a potential compensation model for the world to follow. Why would the Netherlands suddenly decide it needed to improve its image and cap board member bonuses at 100% of their base salary? What could possibly be going on there to induce them to assume the lead in taking the high road?

Princess Christina, one of queen Beatrix's three sisters, has set up a second letter box company on the tax haven island of Guernsey, the Volkskrant reports on Friday...Earlier this year MPs were highly critical of the princess when it emerged she had put money inherited from her mother into the Daffodil Trust, also located on the British Channel island.They say the princess, who lives in London, is setting a bad example by using tax havens to avoid paying tax.

At least it's better than trying to blame it on Turbo Tax.