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Headhunter Gets In On The Fraud Game

The government's stimulus cheerleading sign approach to economic prosperity may be tough to justify from an efficient use of funds perspective, but it does require people to make the signs and then place them every 150 feet. So at least it's not a complete fraud from an employment perspective. For that, Minneapolis based Arthur Group has got you covered.
As one of the pioneers in the job fraud market, Arthur Group capitalized on the near double digit unemployment to convince desperate job seekers that their investment of several thousand per month would pay off in the end. By leveraging their one-of-a-kind Rolodex, the headhunting firm promised access to the "hidden job market" which, shockingly enough never materialized. With Minnesota Attorney General's Office filing suit against Arthur Group, it appears the prospects for those looking to hide the hidden job market aren't looking so good as well.
Minnesota Charges Headhunter With Fraud [NYT]