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Hedge Fund Community: Which One Of You Is Lenny Dykstra's White Knight?

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So, a bankruptcy judge ruled yesterday that Lenny Dykstra was not mentally competent enough to manage his own Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and that his finances be turned over to a court appointed trustee. This of course riles me to no end (Nails owned and operated his own chain of car washes, lady, I think he knows what he's doing here), but what really sticks in my craw is the insinuation L-Dykes might not have some well-pocketed contacts in his Rolodex.

Dykstra also told the judge he has a $12 million offer for the Gretzky home from someone "who runs a hedge fund." That amount would cover the first mortgage from Washington Mutual (now Chase). With no documents to support the claim, and with other liens on the house, the judge called the offer "speculative".

Assuming this is legit, which one of you is going to step up and prove Geraldine wrong?