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How Could The Auto Industry Fail With This Type Of Genius At The Wheel?

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Update: 9/37 items have been consumed including both the Pop Tarts, one bag of the Animal Crackers, and the Famous Amos cookies. Challenger is going for a run at lunch to burn some calories and keep the metabolism going strong. When asked how the contestant was feeling thus far, the response was: "I love candy."
Update II: From the front lines: The "lunchtime run" gambit paid off in a big way as he downed over 10 items within an hour's time. He's up to 21 items consumed and nearly 5,000 calories deep. That being said, he's currently wearing a "thousand-yard stare" and looking pretty bad. In a stunning turnaround from the typical Detroit modus operandi, he may fail despite "giving it his all."
Update III: Outcome: FAIL. "He pressed on during the last hour, but looked and acted like a man defeated. He was offered a bargain: he would win a smaller prize (10,000 shares of Old Carco LLC) for finishing off tomorrow what he had left uneaten; he backed out of that challenge as well."
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