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Is This Enough For You Andrew Cuomo?

With any luck, this may finally be enough to get Andrew Cuomo into the octagon. Bobby Benmosche gave it his best by warning AC about the enormous can of whoop ass he can expect once the Croatian wine duties have been attended to. But maybe it takes a more eloquent message to get the NY Attorney General's blood boiling enough to do his best Bruce Banner impression and embark on a rampage in Charlotte that will only end when he's holding Ken Lewis upside down by the ankles.
Bank of America's lawyers responded to Cuomo's most recent round of Merrill conspiracy accusations by stating, repeatedly, and in a colorful variety of ways, that his Office's letter is a delicate mixture of selective hearing and remedial reading comprehension. If "The worst thing that will ever happen to him is when he and I meet in the room and I close the door" can't get the Hulk fired up, let's hope "the basic premise of the letter is simply wrong" and "the letter contains a number of spurious and false allegations" can.