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Jeffrey Epstein Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny The Allegedly Bizarre Shape Of His Penis

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What I need you to do for me right now is to just watch this video. It's massage enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein being deposed re: spending time sans pants with a 15 year-old and it only lasts two minutes* because apparently the guy who has no problem jerking off in a towel while guests are in the room and wearing a wig and lipstick during sex is suddenly made to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed by the lead off question "Is it true that you have an egg-shaped penis?" So much so that Mr. Sensitive has to storm out of the room in a huff, when what he should've done was dropped trou and said "You tell me." Since he didn't, we'll just have to assume he's got something to hide.
Jeffrey Epstein Will Not Discuss His Manhood [Cityfile]
*Like Epstein. Ohhhh-- you like that? Count it.