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John Thain Still Playing Coy On Ken Lewis

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In addition to getting his esteemed opinion on rugs and lampshades last night, the organizers of John Thain's talk at Wharton hit on some other subjects, mainly what he thinks of his peers. Unfortunately, the lady of the hour refused to talk some smack about the guy he's uniquely positioned to dish on, responding to the innocent query, "What do you think of Ken Lewis?" with "You know, it's tempting to answer that question but I'm not going to." Honestly? No. I don't accept this.

Get real with me for two-- our patience re: Ken Lewis dirt is dwindling, fast. Was he slurring he his words when you got the boot? Did you ever get a call in the middle of the night from the barkeep at the local watering hole saying you need to come give him a ride home? Did you ever wake up to a series of irate and badly misspelled texts from the night before including one in which KL refers to you as "a fucking slag heap"? For god's sake we're not asking you to pull a Sheryl Weinstein but if you're willing to go down that road obviously no one's going to stop you. Blink if it's egg-shaped.