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Lehman Being Devoured From The Inside Out

The 'Dick Fuld owes me' line runs over 16,000 deep and seeks over $1 trillion for the wide range of inconveniences experienced resulting from Lehman's rendering of Titanic last September. It started out with Joseph Gregory showing up looking for a quarter of a billion in deferred comp. Now Lehman alumnus and New Jersey Devils owner Jeffrey Vanderbeek is coming forward with his tale of horror and hardship whereby the firm is about $60 million light on his 2004 separation agreement.
Clearly time does not heal all wounds when it comes to former Lehman executives going after their old employer. If everybody from the Giants to the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority to the guys who helped Lehman make it the success it is today wants a piece of the carcass, there's virtually nobody left other than the firm itself without a pending claim.

Administrators representing Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.'s main European unit have made the first of several claims they plan to make against the U.S. parent company that are expected to total about $150 billion.

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