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Lehman Brothers Made For TV Movie Nails Dick Fuld's Eating Disorder

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So Bloomberg has a review of the BBC's upcoming Lehman Brothers flick, and one thing stuck out to us as indication this thing might be worth watching.

Leading us into the story is narrator Zach (Michael Landes), a brash young banker from Tennessee, who is Fuld's personal gofer. He sets out philosophizing about resentment of Wall Street -- "If you talk to 100 people, 102 are going to tell you they hate bankers" -- then takes us up the elevator as the boss's name flashes on his cellphone.
Fuld, balding and pudgy-faced, is howling down the phone. "Everyone's dumping our stock, and you ask me for more?" he barks, concurrently answering another call and shoving a plate in Zach's direction with the words, "These ribs are cold."

People acting like self-important dicks over an unsatisfactory piece of meat, particularly when they're of the temperament that could result in whoever was responsible for the faux pas having his or her face cut off, is always amusing, fictional or not. But the fact that the scene above probably actually happened is a nice bonus. From a profile last December:

Fuld has a famously voracious appetite--senior executives sometimes ordered him a mid-morning plate of ribs.

So the Brits have done their homework. What other true to life LB stories can we expect? Flashback to Richard almost killing a guy at his son's hockey game?
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