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Let's Get Ready To Rumble

With Chris Dodd keeping his seat as Senate Banking Committee Chair, the players for the battle royale on regulatory intrusion are set. When not explaining his Countrywide-related actions to the Senate Ethics Committee, the good senator has made good sport out of arguing that when it comes to financial markets, government he knows best. Still, given the might of Wall St. lobbyists, some may doubt Dodd's ability to seal the deal and tighten the regulatory vice. For those that do, Barney Frank has a thought experiment for you to run.

"Let me ask you this: Do you think Chris Dodd is a stupid guy?...Why would he then stay with the Banking committee rather than the HELP committee if he didn't think he had a very good chance to get this legislation through? So I really think people ought to take that as a very good sign that it's going to happen."

The guy has already beaten an ethics investigation and dodged cancer this year. No batter has won the triple crown since 1967 and between Albert Pujols and Chris Dodd, Pujols seems to have a better chance at completing his trifecta.