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Lindy Boville: RBC Was The One Who Set Me Up With A Ponzi Scheming Boyfriend In The First Place

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Of course they probably didn't know he was a criminal at the time, but that's besides the point. According to the complaint filed by everyone's favorite moose fister, it was her colleagues at RBC who encouraged her to get involved with Westgate Capital founder (and noted con) James Nicholson, making the firm's claim that her relationship with him was inappropriate (and a fireable offense) kind of bull shit (Boves also says that the allegation she helped her Ponzier bf raise money for his fund is a lie). With regard to the sexual harassment Lindy claims she was subjected to during her time in the New York office, she's provided a few more examples of the pick-up lines used on her at work:

13. Robert McGuire incessantly commented on her appearance...On one occassion, Mr. McGuire told her to "keep [her] guns at bay," referring to her breasts.

25. Brit Railston also harassed Ms. Boville by repeatedly referencing the ways in which he would hit on her when he was drunk. He said in a message, "I'm going to be in town next week. Make sure you hide. Don't pick up the phone when I call after three drinks."

28. A salesperson on the prime brokerage side of RBC's business, also harassed Ms. Boville. He made highly offensive and inappropriate comments on a regular basis. Among other things, he wrote to her:
*"you should do what you're supposed to and lie on your back with your legs in the air";
*"It moved," referring to the effect Boville had on his penis;
*that he "shaved It for tonight," in advance of an outing with clients.