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Live-Blogging Gasparino's Sit-Down With John Mack

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1:03: Glasses, because this is a serious interview.
1:04: Get a load of that suit.
1:05: CG: "Just to clarify, when you say 'Lloyd,' that refers to Lloyd Blankfein, yeah?"
1:06: Tits Cabrera would like to know what it's like being the CEO that sucks the most second only to Ken Lewis.
1:07 Tits isn't trying to give J-Mack a hard time, but really, she wonders, when you think about how hard you've blown this thing over the last few years, how do you look yourself in the mirror?

1:15: CG: "Before I let you go...I have to ask...would you hold up a copy of my book?"
1:16: Tits: "I heard you cried this morning at a Town Hall with employees, is that true, puss?"
[Enough time has past that it's not awkward to change the subject from Mack's stepping down to a little dance I like to call, My Book.]
1:17: CG: I...
1:18: ....have
1:19: [uhhhhh , uhhhhh]
1:19: ....a.....
1:20: ....a.....
1:20: book co---
[Looks around expectantly for Mother Gasparino's meatloaf]
1:20: ...comi---
1:21: ...comi---
[Grabs for a piece of braciola, knocks serving platter over]
1:21: coming
1:21: OUT!!!
1:22: Here...oh my it..
1:23: COMES!!!
1:24: My book.
1:25: Well, we will have to get you back here to do this sometime soon. Thank you Mr. Mack.