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Marc Dreier Was Robbed And So Were We, Part II

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I missed this from yesterday's account of why Marc Dreier chose to get into the Ponzi business (9/11 and a house on the beach, mostly). It clearly deserves flagging:

One of the firm's Christmas parties was held at the Waldorf-Astoria, where Dreier danced wildly to the song "Shout," from Animal House. At a firm party at his Quogue beach house a plane flew overhead trailing a banner that said, DREIER LAWYERS ROCK.

Once again: thanks for nothing, Bernie. If it weren't for you and your terribly uninventive $50 billion (or is it $13?) scam stealing the spotlight, the Post et al would've been all over MD's ass, and instead of reading about him dancing to the point of puking and passing out cold, we could've been watching the footage.