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Maria Bartiromo And Erin Burnett Are (Collectively) More Important Than David Einhorn And John Paulson

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According to Vanity Fair, which ranks the duo at slot 69 (you see what they did there?) today on its annual New Establishment list. Einhorny is 87, and John Paulson, who's yet to prove himself to the magazine, is nowhere to be found. The Big Man, who was placed in the super demeaning spot of 99 (out of 100) last year did not make the cut this time around, nor did Ben Bernanke because, really, what has that guy ever done? Blankfein is the number one stunna, and to that end, Matt Taibbi, not present or accounted for, can suck LB's gold-plated scrot. Others to note:
4. Warren Buffett
6. Larry Fink
9. Jamie Dimon
43. Tyler Perry
86. Meredith Whitney
Update: Never let it be said that Vanity Fair doesn't have a pair. After fumbling around and fucking up Steve Cohen's online entry last year so that all of his "in the news" links went to stories about other guys named Steve Cohen, they've had the gall to stick him in an auxiliary list called "The Pit Stop." It's there that the magazine has singled out other money honeys (Steve Schwarzman, Bruce Wasserstein, etc) who've made the list in year's past only to fall off in 2009 and offered the pep talk that if they put their noses to the grindstone, maybe, just maybe, they'll have their honor of seeing their names alongside Maria Bartiromo's in 2010. Damien Hirst was also thrown in the mix, because, let's be honest, he's one trick pony, and the number of animal-in-formaldehyde fetishists are few and far between. He's not doing well unless Big Daddy's doing well (and with the cheddar he had to shell out upfront to cross-breed a collie with a CNBC on-air commentator for his latest piece, Big Daddy had better do very well).