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Maria Bartiromo: Hey, Remember That Time Erin Burnett Called George Bush A 'Monkey'? How Racist Was That?

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So MSNBC had a segment today about whether or not there's animosity toward Obama based on race. They had a whole bunch of guests on, most of whom were getting very heated and in the top right corner of the screen there was Maria Bartiromo, silent. She had something to say but wasn't sure how to fit it in. Then, at the three minute mark, she hears her cue! Michael Dyson has just asked if anyone used racial rhetoric toward Bill Clinton or George Bush when they were in office. The wheels start to turn. Literally, watch as the eyes dart back and forth. This is her moment-- she came armed with an anecdote about Erin Burnett calling Bushy a 'monkey' almost two years ago-- and damn it she's going to use it! Fuck it if it doesn't make sense since calling a white man a monkey isn't racist, and what Erin meant was that he was stupid! Fuck it, MB says! She's going to bring this up, this super awkward slip o' the tongue that got her competition in some trubs at the time. If you don't want to jump all over it, and run with it, and ask your viewers if Erin Burnett hates white people, that's your problem, Joe Scarborough. Go on with the Coltan!