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Michael Moore: Capitalism Is A Ponzi Scheme

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And by the transitive property, you're all Bernie Madoffs.*

Bernie is representative of the scheme of capitalism itself. [Capitalism] is a pyramid where the richest 1% have as much financial wealth as the combined 95%. It's a pyramid only a few people can be at the top of, and everyone else is made to believe that they can get to the top," he explains. "It's a bit of a ruse, and a ruse that's not unsimilar to Mr. Madoff's."

Bernie Madoff's prison a target venue for Michael Moore and 'Capitalism: A Love Story' [NYDN via NYM]
*Specific anatomical similarities will explored in Moore's next film, his first in a series of finance-related pornos. Still needs a title, though, so if you've got any ideas don't be shy.