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Michael Moore: FYI, Jesus Would Not Be Down With The Ponzi Scheme That Is Capitalism

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Also, if given the opportunity to have a sit-down with Hank Paulson, MM would really nail that guy to the wall on this thing, in addition to asking him, point blank, did you or did you not have a hand in 9/11? He's resisted all requests so far and I'm pretty sure we know why.

You've said you started filming "Capitalism: A Love story" a year and a half ago. Did the film change after Lehman went bankrupt and the stock market crashed?
I started out wanting to explore the premise of capitalism being anti-American, and anti-Jesus, meaning it's not a Democratic economy. And it's not run with a moral or ethical code. But when the crash happened, it added a third plot line: not only is capitalism anti-American and anti-Jesus, it doesn't work.
You tried to get Hank Paulson on the phone in the film, but weren't successful. If you got him on the phone today, what would you ask?
If I had a chance to talk to him, I'd want him to come clean and tell me the truth about how he rigged this whole thing.

Michael Moore: Capitalism Is Anti-Jesus
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