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Michael Moore: Wall Street Still Cooking Up "Crazy Schemes" To Destroy Mankind

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Mikey Moore went on Jay Leno last night to hock his new movie, Capitalism: A Love Story, and also to discuss where we are now. In Moore's professional opinion, things have not gotten better, and the scams are proliferating and something about eating til you explode? That's all I can get from this.

LENO: Now it's one year since Lehman Brothers collapsed. We've had all, OK, we've handed out... Is Wall Street any better? Have they learned anything?
MOORE: No, not at all. It's, it's probably worse. They're still doing these exotic derivatives. They're now trying to do it with life insurance. They've got all these crazy schemes. I mean, that's what I'm saying about capitalism, it's like a beast. And no matter how many strings or ropes you try and tie it down with that beast just wants more and more money. And it will go anywhere. It will try to gobble up as much as it can. The word 'enough' is the dirtiest word in capitalism, 'cuz there's no such thing as enough with these guys. And we haven't stopped them.