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Nobody Takes Dan Loeb For A Ride

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Not the market, not Ken Griffin and not some sheisty moving company. One and two learned that the hard way and now the fools at Auer's Moving & Rigging are getting a crash course in what happens when you try and pull a fast one on this vegan surfer-cum-triathlete. Perhaps thinking the Third Point founder would simply roll over and take it, the company filed suit earlier this year against Loeb and his wife Margaret, demanding $98,689.07 it claimed to be owed for moving the couple into their $45 million apartment at 15CPW. Well roll over he will not.

A lawyer for Loeb has responded notifying AMR that they can expect to get their money in exchange for shoddy service (which they attempted to overcharge for) around the same time his client allows animal flesh to pass through his lips. What we can all learn from this is that 1) rumble with DL at your own peril 2) when you want something done right, you do it yourself, which is why my man Steve AC rents a U-Haul and does the heavy lifting on his own every time he makes a move (that and he loves an excuse to wear coveralls).


Dan Loeb Did Pretty Okay For Himself Last Month

He's got a fallback career as a ghostwriter of letters that will cause the recipients to piss their pants in fear but for now it looks like this whole hedge fund manager thing is panning out pretty well.