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Opening Bell: 09.04.09

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Bankrupt Ex-Met Dykstra Accused of Taking $40,000 French Stove (Bloomberg)
Dykstra was "apparently in the process of stripping furnishings, fixtures and equipment from the estate property," Index Investors said in an Aug. 19 court memorandum, "doubtlessly to fuel his lifestyle at the expense of his creditors."

Europe Finance Chiefs Push To Limit Bonuses
Words like "insatiable greed" and "destructive irresponsibility" are being thrown out.
Cow Urine, Herbal Remedies Gain as India Swine Flu Deaths Climb (Bloomberg)
Don't knock it til you've tried it.
Feisty NY Gals Kick Some Ash (NYP)
Apparently some ladies took issue with Spitzer's hooker's insinuation yesterday that everyone else is a whore, too.

No Pity For Citi
Post graphics department continues to win it.
Charlie Gasparino: "When you're humping your book, you'll do anything."