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Opening Bell: 09.15.09

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Citigroup Explores Bid To Pare US Stake (WSJ)
Vikram and friends, "eager to shed the stigma of being a ward of the state," are trying to come up with a plan to get the government out of their hair. Nothing formal has been mentioned to Tim Geithner yet, though Citi did call a Treasury official over the weekend to mention they're working on something good.
A Tough Crowd On Wall Street (NYT)
None of the CEOs or senior execs or hedge fund managers assembled at Obama's speech yesterday ripped off their bras and threw them at BHO, or whipped out lighters, or tried to get backstage afterwards. Furthermore, Andrew Ross Sorkin reports: "There was no cheering section. The audience offered up only one round of applause, and a scan of the faces as the president spoke -- grimacing, staring at the floor, nervously glancing at BlackBerrys -- spoke volumes about how they felt as they listened to the president's words...They came, they listened, they left. There was little sense that the country was any closer to reforming Wall Street."

SEC: protecting long-term investors a priority
Mary Schapiro cares about you deeply. "I firmly agree that the commission's focus must be on the protection of long-term investors," Schapiro said in a Sept 10 letter to Senator Ted Kaufman, who has apparently not heard of the regulator's newly founded Fraud College.

Swine Flu Boosts Charter Operators as Airlines Lose Top Fliers
CEOs! Use this excuse!
Tax Cheats Face IRS Deadline (NYP)
US citizens with undeclared assets in tax havens such as, for instance, let's just say Switzerland have until Sept. 23 to reveal their holdings, pay a fine and probably avoid criminal prosecution, otherwise the gov is coming after you.

Living wills 'to be forced on UK banks'
Just, you know, in case they need to be dismantled in the near future. Might as well have a plan of action.
DE Shaw Opening Office In Dubai (Reuters)
"We wanted to be here because the region is home to many investors with deep regional knowledge and global reach," said managing director Trey Beck.
Jim Cramer: Boohoo Obama Needs to Cheer Up (CNBC)


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