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Opening Bell: 09.16.09

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Lehman Says Barclays Got $5 Billion Discount, Wants Assets Back (Bloomberg)
"This is an opportunistic claim," Barclays spokesman Michael O'Looney said. "Now that the economy has begun to stabilize the Lehman Estate is trying to re-trade the deal on the basis of a meritless argument." Opportunistic claim Joe Gregory's ass!
U.S. rebuffing big banks' push to exit bailout (Reuters)
Not so fast Pandito!
Griffin Shifts Funds' Strategy to Fortify Citadel (Bloomberg)
Fresh from a European vacay Ken Griffin is ready and raring to go. KG says the team is "solidly focused on the future," Kensington and Wellington are back in the game, and the newly formed Royal Bank of Citadel will compete with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. As for last year's meltdown, Kenny says he "was where he wanted to be on that Friday [before Lehman declared bankruptcy]" but if you're going to back him into a corner, fine he will say this: "In retrospect, I wish I had had less leverage."
Citi's Parsons Said To Join Equity Firm (NYT)
New gig for Dick as senior adviser to Providence Equity Partners though he'll stay on as Citi's chair. Quit Vikram? Never.
Yankees Ticket Prices Coming Down For '10 Season (CNBC)
40 percent off in the Delta Sky 360 Suite.
Wells CEO: Wachovia Integration 'Is on Plan' (WSJ)
John Stumpf also discussed the vice-president who partied in a foreclosed Malibu home, saying the incident "hurt" and that Wells Fargo will "review policies for employees who deal with repossessed properties to make sure such violations don't happen again."
Buffett: "I-- I think the odds are very much against getting significantly worse. It's sort of plateaued at the-- at the bottom right now, but if you got some horrible exogenous event, some-- some, you know, 9/11-- type event or worse-- you know, you could have something that would be dis-- really disruptive and start things all over again." (CNBC)