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Opening Bell: 09.17.09

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Citi to Pay Back U.S. When Recovery More Evident (Reuters)
"To us it's really more about timing than capacity (to repay the $20 billion)," Vikram Pandit said, speaking at a conference at Barclays Capital in New York. "We've got the money, honey."
Kerviel Says Proposals to Limit Pay Won't Control `Addict' Traders, Risks (Bloomberg)
"It's a job that makes you a bit crazy, an addict," Kerviel said in an interview on France2 television. "They push you to take risks." JK also said proposals to limit pay won't do a thing, and that he worked for 20 euros an hour, and didn't take any of his scam profits for himself.
Ex-Brokerage Chief: Pressured to Forgo Bonus by Thain (WSJ)
In December, while in the midst of selecting the perfect rug for his new office, John Thain apparently gathered a group of top Merrill Lynch executives, including Bob McCann, and told them they had a "wonderful opportunity" to give up their bonuses, after he'd gotten shit for supposedly asking for a $10 million bonus for himself. According to McC, he said, "I guess I volunteer, John. Can I go back to work now?"
French banks say capital plans 'unfair' (FT)
"The origins of the crisis very clearly reside in America," Baudouin Prot, the French Banking Federation's chairman and chief executive of BNP Paribas told a French Senate finance committee. "It would be paradoxical if European banks were to be penalised in terms of competition against US banks, given that the crisis originated in the US."
Sculpture missing from Madoff's NY beach home (AP)
A 4-foot-tall sculpture, with an Aztec motif, valued at $300, was stolen from Bernie Madoff's hideous Montauk house over the weekend. This is the second time one of his yards has been vandalized (last time it was the house in Palm Beach), and he's starting to think people might harboring some sort of ill will towards him.