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Opening Bell: 09.28.09

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Banks Pull Back From Acorn Work (Reuters)
Apparently Bank of America doesn't want to be associated with a group that gives prostitutes and their pimp boyfriends loan advice.
The Madoff Scam: Meet The Liquidator (CBS)
Irving Picard on Andy and Mark Madoff: "Whether or not they have a criminal problem, we will pursue them as far as we can pursue them. And if that leads to bankrupting them, then that's what will happen."
Phone Calls Add To Din Over Loans (WSJ)
Countrywide recorded phone conversations "in a controversial mortgage program that included public officials" and then destroyed the tapes. Is that a crime?
Goldman Sachs Launches Recruiting Drive (FT)
Hiring up to 200 in asset management and "moving back on the offensive," according to Marc Spilker.
Zoellick Favors Power For Treasury, Not Fed (WSJ)
"It will be difficult to vest the independent and powerful technocrats at the Federal Reserve with more authority," the World Bank President said. "My reading of recent crisis management is that the Treasury Department needed greater authority to pull together a bevy of different regulators. Moreover, the Treasury is an executive department, and therefore Congress and the public can more directly oversee how it uses any added authority."
Is Jeff Macke Broke? (WCV)
This guys says yes.
Citi may not forgive debt by EMI (NYP)
All you need to know about the story is that it was the basis for this graphic: