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Ralph Cioffi May Want To Reconsider His Options

Ralph Cioffi is starting to play with fire. While he's currently walking around a free man, Federal prosecutors want a judge to reconsider the terms of his bail after RC decided to make a quick trip down to Florida to pick up the originals of some documents the government was already after in connection with a Sarasota condo fiasco.
With his freedom in potential jeopardy, and having close ties to south Florida, Ralph might just make a run for it from the Sunshine State. But he needs to do it the right way. Faking his own death or hopping the next plane to anywhere without a US extradition treaty have been done before. He needs something unique, something truly him. Maybe a boat. There are undoubtedly hundreds of people in that part of the state burned by one Ponzier or another looking for some cash from selling their yacht. But it has to be the right one. It has to be a yacht worthy of a guy looking to make up for losing two Ferraris. Where is he going to find a former master of the universe trying to get rid of his prized marine possession?

The receiver in charge of Allen Stanford's assets has asked a federal judge for permission to sell the alleged swindler's luxurious 112-foot motor yacht, the Sea Eagle.
Ralph Janvey, the receiver in the case, filed a motion late on Tuesday asking U.S. District Judge David Godbey in Dallas to approve the sale of the vessel, which is currently listed for $6.5 million at a marina in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

That's where.
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