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RBC Trader Fired For Poor Boyfriend Judgment?

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Maybe! Former RBC Capital Markets trader Lindy Boville, pictured at left, claims her former employer fired her in March because she unwittingly dated a dude who turned out to be running a Ponzi scheme (James Nicholson, Westgate Capital). Not so says RBC! The Canadians counter the moose fister's unfortunate taste in men had nothing to do with her termination, but rather that she showed "poor judgment" in not telling her bosses she was helping the bf raise money for his fund, leaving them to wonder what other "deals" she had going on the side. In a complaint filed today, Boville also says that before she was shown the door, she was (bizarrely) sexual harassed in a made up tongue.

She accused one co-worker of making comments about her legs, such as, "Did that dress shrink at the dry cleaners?" She accused another of using the made-up word "sensy" rather than "sexy" so that RBC's monitoring system would not pick up his language.

RBC sued by trader who dated alleged Ponzi schemer [Reuters via BI]


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