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Robert Mugabe Wants You To Trust Him

Always true to his word, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has given the all clear for investors to put their cash in the (former) breadbasket of Africa, While you may be required to take a leap of faith that the performance of your investments will have more to do with market forces than the big boss's mood, a lot has changed recently. Back in March, Mugabe had some slightly different words for potential investors in agriculture to consider.

"There is no going back on the land reforms. Farms will not be returned back to former [white] farmers," Mugabe said. "That work will continue, but those farms have to be used properly.
"The farmers who owned these farms, which now have been designated and offered to new owners, must respect that law," he said. "They must vacate those farms."

But time goes on and people change. It was only last year that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai won the first round of elections and then decided that it wasn't really in his best interest to pursue the run-off elections against Mugabe if he valued his life. Now there is a power "sharing" agreement in place and Zimbabwe is one big happy family. So for investors looking to expand beyond the hedge fund world, the president wants you to remember his tag line.

"The sanctity of property rights and the rule of law in all its dimensions are fully respected," Mugabe said.

This was his second choice after learning 'put your assets in our hands' was already taken.


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