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Spitzer: Hank Greenberg Is Crazy Old Man In Denial

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Sorry, Ness actually didn't say the 'crazy' part, that was just me. What the noted hooker fucker did tell the Post is that Hank's attempts this week to get a state judge to throw out a lawsuit Spitzer filed against him in 2005 are "an outright denial of fact and history by Mr. Greenberg and his lawyers" and that "it is time for Mr. Greenberg to acknowledge the errors that occurred on his watch." Other words I'll put into Spitz's mouth are "Let it go, old man. Get yourself a nice prostie and ride off into the night. I've got some names I can send you." For his part, and here's where the nutcase allegation comes into play, Greenberg is claiming that Spitzer went after him not just as a means of political gain but because Warren Buffett told him to:

Greenberg threw the first punch in their new showdown with legal papers Wednesday claiming that Spitzer concocted his prosecution of Greenberg using a gift-wrapped case offered up by an outsider trying to avoid his own prosecution -- in this case, billionaire Warren Buffett.

According to Greenberg's lawyers, Buffett's attorneys set up the ploy as a piece of red meat to distract and "to prevent Spitzer from pursuing claims" of alleged wrongdoing against Buffett's own insurance company, General Re, and its executives.


Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg (Getty Images)

Hank Greenberg Gets AIG Back (Kinda)

He can't sue on its behalf, but maybe his trusted former deputy can sue on his (No, not Snowflake).