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Stimulus Program To Continue Celebrating The Stimulus Program

There are many reasons to consider keeping the stimulus program in place: reduce the risk of a double dip recession, put a couple more people to work temporarily, and, most importantly, allow the self-congratulatory sign party to continue. Apparently there are still not enough signs proudly proclaiming the triumphs attributable to the government stimulus program for a fair number of lawmakers. An amendment brought by Sen. Judd Gregg to end using stimulus money to pay for the value added signs was promptly shot down yesterday leaving the senator to ponder what sort of backward logic he used to come up with the proposal.

"Considering the questionable effectiveness of the stimulus bill, it is completely unreasonable that signs are being constructed at a price tag of hundreds to thousands of dollars apiece for lawmakers to pat themselves on the back about this legislation," said Gregg, who voted against the stimulus bill.
"These signs are simply for political self-interest, and it's high time we stop using stimulus dollars to fund them, and instead use these dollars for their intended purpose of creating economic activity," he said in a written statement.