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Stop Telling Oliver Stone And Michael Douglas How Much You Loved Wall Street

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The filmmaker and his star have a message for all you whippersnappers who come up to Stone and tell him you went to work on the Street after being inspired by the 1987 flick. Same goes for the "well-lubricated businessmen" who approach Douglas while he's eating dinner to say, "You're the man." And the message is this: piss off. You missed the point entirely, jackholes! You weren't supposed to get a hard-on for Gecko. He is the villain. The bad guy. Think McFly, think! Now, because some of you couldn't get that simple point through your thick heads, Stone has to make this movie again. To those of you hating on the sequel, you have no one to blame but yourselves. (In somewhat related news, there is hope for this thing, thanks to Jim Chanos, who suggested the script focus less "evil hedge fund managers" and more on the Dicks who ran the banking system.)