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Swine Flu Outbreak At UBS?

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Possibly, according to some of our favorite tax evaders in town, who were told not to come in for the day. Of course, they may be jumping to conclusions, and it could have nothing to do with a pig disease outbreak at all. It could very well be that UBS is shutting down. Or it could be herpes.

The incoming associate and analyst training for today was canceled. We do not have firm issued Blackberrys yet so they emailed us at our home address and told us not to come in. There have been a lot of people missing class due to health issues so this must be flu related. We have already had a bunch of people go to the hospital this week with the flu, and the room was full of coughing yesterday-- you could just tell there was something going around. Must be a swine outbreak.

If you've got something to share, cold sores-related or otherwise, get in touch.


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