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The Pink Ladies Need Our Help

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It's been months since their last appearance, i.e. they've had loads of time to come up with good material, and the best they can do is "We needs jobs" and "Where'd our money go?" What kind of unimaginative fucks do they have running this operation? You're on camera, ladies! Work it or someone else will. Assuming the girls came prepared with extra paper and Sharpies, let's do them a solid and step it up with something better. I'll start:
* Where's the money, Lebowski?
* I'm gonna fuck you 'til you love me, Geithner
* Show us your tax returns, Tits
* F/M/K: Vikram/Lewis/Tyson and why
* A series of cards reading "What" "are" "you" "doing" "after" "this" "Liz?"
* Timmy, tell me how my ass taste! -- Paulson
* You LIE!!!
Now you go.
Update: A real time submission: "Would you be happy to walk us through it again?"
Update II: Is today the day Geithner fucks some congressmen up? Because it sounds like he's two clarify-this-for-me's away from choke holds.
Update III: This is the best suggestion so far, the rest don't even come close: "Mary Jo kopechne was given more help than this"