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The Wine Boy Sobers Up A Bit

Maybe it was a result of too much of his Croatian wine or an attempt to ingratiate himself with his new employees working 4500 miles away but whatever it was, Bobby BoucherBenmosche now regrets his pre-fight smack talk aimed at Andrew Cuomo.

AIG put out a statement saying Mr. Benmosche "regrets his comments regarding Mr. Cuomo and the tone of those comments." The statement added that Mr. Benmosche "now recognizes" that Mr. Cuomo "resisted public pressure to disclose the names of AIG employees during the controversy."

As BB continues to write the book on how to make a company's already bad public image even worse, those not working at AIG's Croatian headquarters have taken on second jobs answering for his actions.

Harvey Golub, AIG's chairman, said Monday night that Mr. Benmosche had made his "off the cuff comments very early in his involvement" at AIG. Nevertheless, Mr. Golub added in an interview, the criticisms weren't done "in a thoughtful way."...Mr. Golub continued: "I don't know why he said what he did."

Maybe when he takes a vacation from his vacation and visits the New York office Golub will get his answer- assuming Andrew Cuomo hasn't found him first.