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Tim Geithner Still Looking For A Little Help

Clearly Timmy G's patience is running a bit thin these days. Anybody who saw TG's level of eye-rolling enthusiasm explaining his views on TARP again to Jeb Hensarling could see that the Treasury Secretary was a bit chippy- and this was before the town hall. But the economy is no longer going off a cliff and the equity markets no longer go down so you have to wonder why Timmy isn't a bright ray of sunshine. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he still doesn't have any help and is a couple people removed from being a one man Treasury.
The top post in tax policy is still waiting for somebody with few enough skeletons in the closet to make it through the vetting process after Elizabeth Garrett dropped out for undisclosed reasons. When not picking up the slack there, Team Treasury is being stretched thin handling the duties of the top international post in the department, Undersecretary for International Affairs, as nominee Lael Brainard is currently playing 20 questions about some of her tax deductions. Should he ever get some help, maybe TG can finally focus on the matter at hand and come up with a way to pay for saving the economy- like getting nominees for government posts to fork over their taxes.


Let's Help Tim Geithner Name His Book

As you may have heard, Obama is apparently close to nominating Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary, giving Tim Geithner his late Christmas wish: a one-way ticket outta there. And while he's previously said to have no interest in writing about his time in Washington (and at the NY Fed before that), friends o' TG claim that his plan for the next year or so involve "a round of 'detox' and writing a book." Obviously we're still very far off from anything concrete but publishers will undoubtedly be banging down his door in no time and when they do, it might be nice to at least have a title to wet their palates. While Geithner packs his bags, let's do him a solid and come up with some options. The year spent sunning himself off the coast of Ko Samui (or puttering around Larchmont, or taking a job with the least amount of responsibility possible, whatever the detox entails) will presumably do wonders to take the edge of the last 48 months but if he's still in an angsty phase by the time he sits down to bang out his story, perhaps one of the following would work?