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Time to Put the Underpants Gnomes to Work

Things are getting a bit heated in the Make Benefit Glorious Nation. Kazakhstan's largest lender, BTA Bank, recently received an unexpected initial payment in connection to its lawsuit against the Alem Art Foundation and local newspaper Respublika. Having defaulted on over $12 billion in debt, BTA sued the newspaper in connection to a story which created a run on the bank; it is also trying to recoup a charitable donation made by the bank's former management to the art foundation.

In response, artist Kanat Ibragimov and Respublika reporters tried to send seven pair of underwear to BTA's Chief Executive Officer Anvar Saidenov and Chairman Arman Dunayev, Respublika reported. "I'm sending them my underwear in a desperate gesture during this time of blatant reactionism after a decade of peaceful life in Kazakhstan," Ibragimov said by telephone today in Almaty..."The only thing left for artists whom the government's actions have deprived of hope is to take off their underpants," he said.

As long as BTA can solve for '?', this underwear-based transaction initiative could be a real boon for the bank.